Rahi Bains' contribution to the Music Industry

Rahi Bains is a versatile singer and can sing in many languages and different styles of music. Feel free to click on the Medley Videos.

These include golden oldies, Bollywood’s latest hits, Swahili songs from Kenya, Gurbani Shabads, Hindi Bhajans, Punjabi Folk and popular, Urdu Ghazals, English folk, Islamic Naats, National songs and live stage performances.

Please click to hear a selection of popular Bollywood songs from 60’s and 70’s. These are all time favourites.

Listen to some of the selection of popular latest Bollywood songs. 

Listen to Rahi Bains singing patriotic hit songs of all times.

Rahi Bains has performed countless live shows across the UK and many parts of the world in his melodious voice.

Here Rahi Bains is singing his own compositions and popular songs in Swahili, the language of Kenya. Sitting on right is the grandmother of US President Obama.

Listen to Rahi Bains singing a selection of English Folk songs.

Medley of Hindu Bhajans and Ma Ki Bhent by Rahi Bains

Rahi Bains singing Sikh Gurbani Shabads at various Gurudwaras in the U.K.

Medley of Islamic Naats by rahi Bains

Medley of Punjabi Songs by Rahi Bains

Medley of evergreen Ghazals sung beautifully by Rahi Bains

Interview with RAHI BAINS on Sikh Channel Sky TV


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