Rahi Bains is a professional singer. Singing has been his passion for most of the last 60 years. He has given stage shows and sings regularly at parties and social gatherings where ever Asians live in majority. 

Rahi Bains  is willing to travel to most of the various parts of U.K. for any music or singing related events.

He has his team of instrumentalists like tabla, dhol and dholak players, keyboard players, octapad and drum kit players and various folk instrumentalists.

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Professional Music Teacher

Music teacher Rahi Bains

Rahi Bains teaches Indian music and singing in government schools, colleges and Indian and Pakistani cultural organisations.

He liaises with English folk societies and teach Punjabi folk songs to English choirs who perform in the public.

If you are interested in learning the fine art of Indian Music at your own leisure then you can contact Rahi Bains by filling out the CONTACT RAHI BAINS form. 

Professional Music Composer

Rahi Bains composes his own music and have quite a few music CD’s to his name. He has a big collection of music library which he feels pride in. His voice is a true representation of Late Mohd. Rafi sahib.
Rahi Bains also composes music for other people as well. His songs are played internationally on radio stations. He has recorded songs in English, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Swahili and Gujarati languages.
You can contact Rahi Bains of you are interested in having your own music, or if you want him to create a music track or a song. Feel free to get in touch, by filling the CONTACT RAHI BAINS form.

Music Composer Rahi Bains Southampton

Qualifications : Rahi Bains

qualifications rahi bains

Rahi Bains trained as a Teacher of Music at the Portsmouth College of Education and later qualified further by doing Bachelor of Arts Degree.

He has studied Indian Classical music with two Music Gurus and Western Classical music.


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